Sustainable Development

The fundamental orientation towards the principals of sustainable development forms the requirement for a sustainable society more than ever. Universities, as educational institutes, are future key decision makers in the establishment of successful future strategies. The CAU assumes this responsibility and clearly commits to education for sustainable development with the Strukturentwicklungsplan (structural development plan).

Originating from the basic ideas of conserving resources and generational fairness, the term sustainability has since further developed into a guiding principle for thinking and acting in a way that is suited to the future. This guiding principle is based on the understanding of the strong systematic and global network of human life and human effects with the environment and one another.

Education that puts people in a position to make decisions about the future and at the time evaluate how their own activities affect future generations or life in other parts of the World is key for sustainable development.

Sustainability is not specific to any one subject. All subjects, institutions and areas of the CAU have a relation to sustainable ideas and activities.

In the framework of the PerLe sub-project “Quality Development in Teaching” advisory and networking courses are being developed for anyone who:

  • has an interest in using their teaching to provide students with skills for a sustainable design of the future, or
  • is already involved in designing a sustainable future, or
  • simply has an interest in finding out more about sustainability at the CAU.


Any contact is warmly welcomed!




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