Process monitoring

External advisory board
PerLe’s numerous and very different project measures, ranging from study orientation to qualifying teaching staff, should be incorporated into Kiel University’s existing structures over the coming few years. An external advisory board has been appointed for quality assurance for the further development of the measures and the change processes in this second phase of the project. This advisory board is made up of experts in the fields of teaching and learning in higher education, university management and university development.

Dissemination and multiplication of project results

In addition to quality assurance through such things as feedback surveys, accompanying evaluations, e.g. student questionnaires by the Quality Management department, or in co-operation with the IPN, numerous measures are used for the dissemination of project results and best-practice examples, within the framework of process monitoring:

PerLe fund for innovative teaching
With the PerLe fund for innovative teaching from the project for successful teaching and learning, projects at Kiel University are promoted that stimulate innovative teaching methods in the form of good practice examples. The fund for innovative teaching has provided €100,000 annually since 2012 for this purpose.

Tag der Lehre (day of teaching)
PerLe has hosted this day, which focuses on all aspects of university teaching, every year in November/December since 2013. It provides a forum for teachers, students, faculty and staff from higher education and the so-called Third Space, for exchanges on forms of innovative and target-oriented teaching and university didactics. In addition, it also aims to make successful teaching projects more visible, to promote student commitment, and to further network the diverse, excellent teaching at Kiel University.

The Teaching Blog
Initiated and moderated by PerLe, the blog "Einfach gute Lehre” (just good teaching) is a lively news medium, multiplier and exchange portal on university teaching at Kiel University. Since 2014, lecturers, students and institutes at Kiel University have blogged about their teaching projects, invitations to tender related to teaching, and much more. Practical reports from all faculties make good teaching visible and provide inspiration for new lecture concepts - just like the blog’s steadily-growing pool of methods.




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