Study orientation

PerLe – Projekt erfolgreiches Lehren und Lernen (project for successful teaching and learning) offers workshops for prospective students that are designed to ease the transition to the right degree programme at university. The aim is to support prospective students with measures to promote subject choice and skills for choosing the right degree programme before they start their studies, so that their ideas about the requirements, necessary skills and contents of the particular degree programmes match the actual contents of the programme, thus enabling them to make an informed and conscious decision on what to study. 

Please note: all workshops are free of charge and held in German.

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"Studieren, aber was?" (study - but what?) – decision-making workshops

Participants are given the chance to reflect on their skills, interests and goals in one-day events. They receive information on fields of study as well as instructions for systematic research on degree programmes, their requirements and the registration processes.

“Ask a student”

At the "Ask a student" workshop, trained student tutors offer insight into everyday student life and their degrees in May/June and again in November/December. Prospective students are able to examine their chosen subjects during this workshop. They attend a lecture and are given information on subject-related requirements as well as later career prospects. Together they explore the campus and can ask questions about all aspects of studying.




    This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under grant number 01PL17068. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors.


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