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Please note: all offers are in German language.

Workshops - PerLe recommends...

Every semester, workshops are offered on various topics which we consider to be particularly beneficial for teaching, or which provide current impulses to continually improve university teaching.

Qualification - tailor-made

Here you can find services that are tailor-made to suit the needs of your institute, your working group or faculty. We work with you to define the contents together and find suitable speakers.

Exchanges amongst colleagues

PerLe offers various ways to systematically exchange ideas about teaching. Depending on your preference, this can be done with direct colleagues, or with lecturers from other areas of the university.

Viewing teaching

PerLe has a variety of services which enable you to individually look at and reflect on your own teaching. Depending on the option, you will be supported by us or by external teaching coaches.


PerLe offers advice on all university didactic topics. The individual consultation is adapted to your requirements and carried out by PerLe staff or external consultants.

Tag der Lehre 2017, Workshop-Session 1   Tag der Lehre 2017, Workshop-Session 2

Formal matters
Please don't hesitate to contact us for suitable offers without a fixed timetable. We can recommend offers aimed at specific groups of lecturers. Lecturers from other areas or with different levels of experience are also welcome to participate. The events take place on Kiel University premises. They can also take place at your institute/department upon request. All offers are free of charge for teaching staff at Kiel University, and count as supplementary workshops for university didactic qualifications by the Continuing Professional Development Centre. 45 minutes correspond to one learning unit (AE).





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