Research-based teaching

Research-based teaching means that students carry out research in their courses independently and with an open outcome.
This helps to internalize and practice research conducts and methods, skills such as formulating a precise question and processing and monitoring a research process. Students attain abilities in dealing with uncertainty, independence, teamwork and organisational skills.

The connection of research and teaching via this active method advances Humboldt's ideal of education in the framework of the development of character.

This form of teaching and learning focuses on the joint acquisition of new knowledge by lecturers and students. This requires lecturers to reflect on their role as teachers and learners.

In order to provide a framework for the exchange and mutual development of ideas in relation to research based teaching, focus groups were established. Here, once a month, lecturers discuss the possibilities and difficulties of this teaching technique using concrete examples.

New participants who are interested in incorporating elements of the research their courses or already do so are always welcome to take part in this exchange.

PerLe also offers individual consultation on the topic of research-based teaching. We will gladly support you in designing a framework for independent student research and in the supervision of the process.

PerLe is there for you, should you be interested in:

  • the focus group on research-based teaching
  • individual didactic consultation.





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