Quality Development in Teaching

Zentrum für Lehr- und Lerninnovation (Centre for innovation in teaching and learning)

The Centre for innovation in teaching and learning aims to encourage and support teaching staff to develop their teaching at the CAU further by addressing innovative teaching and learning methods. The Centre for innovation in teaching and learning also offers advice, coaching and conceptual support for lecturers to improve their teaching techniques. The focus is on learning in a problem-solving manner in research and society.

The topics and methods encompassed by the offers are, in particular, in the fields of:

Research based teaching

Sustainable development

Service Learning

Social Entrepreneurship


With the PerLe-funding for innovative teaching, projects at the CAU are promoted that stimulate innovative, future-oriented teaching methods in the form of best practice examples. Projects can be located at either module level, degree programme level or higher levels.

Further information as well as the application form can be found here.


The CAU- online blog www.einfachgutelehre.uni-kiel.de provides inspiration and information on teaching and learning formats and experiences. (in German)