Tag der Lehre (day of teaching)

PerLe has hosted the annual "Tag der Lehre" (day of teaching) at Kiel University since 2013. The event is aimed at teachers, students and all those who are interested in teaching issues, and it focusses on teaching with different key issue each year.

Along with the opportunity for exchanging ideas, various workshops provide participants with new impulses on current topics related to teaching and learning in higher education. In addition, you can find out about innovative teaching and learning methods and projects at a ‘methods’ trade fair.

03.09.2020     Diverse teaching
08.11.2019     Teaching connects
30.11.2018     Teaching shapes change
08.12.2017     Sustainable innovative teaching
25.11.2016     Teaching remains effective
26.11.2015     Teaching at the very top
27.11.2014     Teaching every day
21.11.2013     Teaching in dialogue




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