Teacher training (Lehramt)

Specially designed for prospective teachers, PerLe offers measures which specifically promote professional practical skills, and help the participants to reflect on their study and career choices, based on a variety of criteria.

Successful start to teacher training: BELA

Services for student teachers: BELA (Bildungswissenschaftliches Eingangsmodul Lehramt) introductory module on educational science: “successful start to teacher training”

A special introductory module has been developed for first-year student teachers on the Studies in Secondary Education course (Profil Lehramt), which is anchored in the pedagogical aspects of the course. In a seminar, students are confronted with school-related and practical issues at an early stage, such as issues of academic and vocational aptitude, or the challenges of being a teacher. This gives students the opportunity to reflect on their own career choice and motivation behind being a teacher at an early stage.

Please note: the instruction language is German.

Work experience in the teaching profession

In cooperation with the Institute of Educational Sciences and the Centre for Teacher Training, PerLe develops optional, interdisciplinary measures for prospective teachers to gain an insight into the profession. In the workshops offered by PerLe, students get an opportunity to learn independently of module assessments and curricular specifications. Moreover the participants receive valuable practical tips and useful practical knowledge.




    This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under grant number 01PL17068. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the authors.


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